Minnesota Flag Football League

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Nov-Dec Playoff Schedule

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You Need to Know

Our league exists to create enjoyment through the game of flag football for adults in the Minneapolis area.  Since 2000 we have gained a reputation for running a fair, well-organized and fun league.


Six Reasons to play MN Flag Football:

1 — Fantastic facility at U of M indoor football practice field.
2 — Multiple competition levels fit the best players in MN down to recreational players.
3 — Two quality officials cover each game
4 — Sonic-pop flags (3 per belt)
5 — 6-on-6 play
6 — 6-on-6 play


Next Season runs from Sept 12 - Oct 31st and is a 7-week regular season with an additional week of playoffs for the top 4 teams in each division.  REGISTRATION IS OPEN.

We will run a season Nov 4 - December 19 with game start times between 7-10; as well as a season in Feb - March with game times of 9:00 and 9:55pm.


“Always a great time, league is run great and we have a blast. ”

— Chuck S, Cherry Coke No Ice